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Richard Reason Garrett

City Council Ward 1

I want to go on record as endorsing Jeff Bryant for the office of Montgomery County Highway Supervisor. Jeff has worked effectively in the Clarksville Street Department for several years.

He brings excellent credentials to this position as a Tennessee State Licensed Professional Engineer. Mr. Bryant is also very knowledgeable about zoning, traffic flow, smart growth, storm water systems, and leveraging technology to analyze potential problems and provide cost effective, long-term solutions.

Jeff is honest, reliable, and willing to work the long hours needed for the position. With all of his experience managing various projects at the street department I believe Jeff Bryant is the person best qualified to be our next Highway Supervisor.

As most of you have probably noticed, the 2020 election season is in full swing. Our first Republican Primary of the year is March 3rd with early voting from February 12th-25th.

Please join me in voting for Jeff Bryant to be our next Highway Supervisor.

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Jeff Henley

Clarksville City Council Ward 9

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Jeff Bryant to be Montgomery County’s next Highway Supervisor. I have known Jeff for several years and have always known him to be an individual of high integrity and great work ethic.


Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with Jeff in his capacity as a City of Clarksville Street Department engineer and have been truly impressed with his can-do attitude and ability to articulate complex engineering terms and concepts in a way someone without an engineering background can easily understand.  


Jeff’s years of experience as an engineer in both the private and public sector is unrivaled in this political race. In my opinion his combination of education and professional experience make him the top candidate for the next Montgomery County Highway Supervisor.

James R. Lewis

Montgomery County Commissioner District 10

Only one Candidate for County Highway Supervisor comes to mind when I think about who would best serve the citizens of Montgomery County and that is Jeff Bryant. 


Jeff Bryant has the education, experience, and vision to conduct day to day operations as Highway Supervisor. He has managed many roadway projects and always worked cohesively with the other departments and elected officials to ensure the projects are done right. His ability to take a complaint and turn it into a solution has always made it a pleasure to know him and work with him. For these reasons, and many more, I believe he is the only candidate that can successfully take on the job as highway supervisor.


Please join me in supporting Jeff Bryant to be our next Highway Supervisor. Early voting is located at the Montgomery County Election Commission on February 12th-25th with the Primary Election Day of March 3rd at your local precinct.

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Deanna McLaughlin 

Former City Councilman Ward 2

Tennessee Commissioner to the Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission (MIC3)

It is my sincere honor to endorse JEFF BRYANT for Montgomery County Highway Supervisor. I personally know that JEFF BRYANT has the KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, and VISION to successfully address and resolve current and future county road issues. As an engineer at the Clarksville Street Department, Jeff has studied, planned, managed, and executed several street (road) projects.

It is imperative that the next Montgomery County Highway Supervisor have experience in preparing a budget that addresses road and stormwater issues/projects while being a good steward of our tax dollars. JEFF BRYANT understands this as he has been part of preparing and presenting several tax payer funded budgets during his time with the Clarksville Street Department.

I had the pleasure of working with JEFF BRYANT during my time as a member of the Clarksville City Council. He is a knowledgeable professional that will successfully plan and execute much needed infrastructure improvements for our county roads.

Please join me in voting for JEFF BRYANT during the March 3rd Primary (Early Voting February 12th - 25th at the Montgomery County Election Commission).

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Tommy Vallejos

Former County Commissioner District 14

Former President TN County Commissioners Association

It is my privilege to endorse Jeff Bryant for Montgomery County Highway Supervisor. Jeff has been a longtime supporter of Republican Candidates both locally and nationally. I had the chance to work alongside Mr. Bryant in my own campaigns for County Commission District 14 and during the 2016 Presidential election cycle. From our first meeting, Jeff impressed me with his honesty and intellect.

As a member of the Clarksville Street Department for the past 12 years, Mr. Bryant has been an indispensable asset for members of the County Commission who have questions regarding the impact certain legislation will have on the streets in Clarksville. He is an expert planner and has the uncommon gift of formulating solutions to complex problems. During my own tenure as District 14’s County Commissioner, I, and other members of the commission, often sought out advice and council from Mr. Bryant before voting or presenting legislation that would impact the long-term road plans of Montgomery County.

As the only candidate with a degree in Engineering and a Professional Engineering License from the State of Tennessee, Mr. Bryant is the most qualified candidate to take over operations from out-going Highway Supervisor Mike Frost and chart a new, modern course for the Montgomery County Highway Department.

With the same conservative Christian values that I treasure, I know, Jeff will put the needs of all of Montgomery County first and fulfill the duties of Highway Supervisor with integrity and honesty.

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