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My name is Jeff Bryant. I graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin in 2005 with a BS in Engineering. I’ve worked for the Clarksville Street Department for the past 12 years where I am currently a project manager. In 2011 I became a licensed engineer after passing the Professional Engineers exam. My duties at the Street Department consist of review and approval of all new grading plans, new ADA sidewalks on existing roads, writing the paving contract, managing bridge replacements, Whitfield Road improvements, and Tylertown and Oakland Road improvements. 


If I am blessed enough to win and serve the community as Highway Supervisor I plan to implement a Pavement Management System, improve road safety and efficiency, verify sidewalks meet ADA compliance, develop a traffic calming plan (without speed bumps/humps) that reduces speeds in neighborhoods, and work towards a team mentality of all employees. Montgomery County’s existing Geographic Information System (GIS) can be utilized with a Pavement Management System to analyze road conditions allowing us to more efficiently allocate our money, manpower, and funding. GIS is a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth's surface. I would work with other departments to identify needed road improvements. We can fund road improvements by reallocating money, creating a capital project, or through state money if an increased project timeline is manageable. 


As the only Licensed Professional Engineer that is running for Highway Supervisor I believe that my background sets me up to tackle the future growth as well as remedy the current issues facing our road system. With the help of the citizens, other departments, and most importantly the team members at the Highway Department I believe that together we can formulate a plan that everyone will be proud of. During my 12 years of experience at the Street Department I have grown my relationships with other departments that will allow for a smooth transition from Mike Frost, who is the current Highway Supervisor, without on the job training. If you have any questions regarding my experience or role of the Highway Supervisor please ask. You can email, message, or call me though my facebook page.

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